Each quilt takes 8 repeats of fabric.  Most fabrics have a 12" repeat but some are as large as 25".  The 8 repeats all have to come from the same side of the fabric.  On any length of fabric, look at the selvage and see if you can find the repeats.

Supply List:
  • Rotary cutter with a new blade.  The 45mm cutter is enough but if you have the really big one (60mm I think it is) that's OK because you will be cutting thru 8 layers of fabric.
  • Flat head pins
  • 24" ruler
  • Sewing machine with foot control, power cord and accessories
  • Quarter inch foot is important
  • Paper and pencil so you can take notes and make diagrams

If you have done stack 'n whack, you may know enough to purchase your fabric before class but if not, it's fun to have the whole group together helping with the fabric choices.  Don't worry if your repeat is only 8", it will work, it will just be done a little differently.   Don't purchase your background fabric when you get the main fabric, wait until you have your triangles to set out on the background, it often looks very different than what you had in mind.  Usually 3 yards of fabric is enough for the background unless your repeat if very large.

One tip:  If you aren't a pinner, get used to being one.  There will be a lot of pinning and it has to be accurate.  There are bias edges on all triangles, therefore press carefully.
Skill Level:
Beginner to Advanced
Nancy Wallenborn


$ 20.00

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